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We are family:  Audrey and Wendy are sisters and Mary is our beloved aunt. Individually we were all doing this spiritual, energetic, healing work.  Given the wisdom of power in numbers, we decided to magnify our work by three  through combining our efforts. We felt our group collaboration would be a good  match for the healing required at this time in humanity and the planet. The world is shifting into higher consciousness and we are on the transition team!

The benefits in discovering my authentic self, to live the life I was born to live, was very much felt during this experience.

- Allison G.

Thank you for making this powerful experience so accessible.

- Mary N.

Get To Know Us!

I am a Mystic Chic Libra- a lover of love, authenticity, beauty, divine truth and the etheric world. Music moves me emotionally, spiritually and physically, speaking to my inner child and awakening innate creativity within me. The etheric world has been my strongest support system throughout my life, guiding me intuitively and empathically, instilling faith and knowing of a higher way of living. I am so grateful to be a Mystic Chic with my fellow Chics integrating the healing and higher consciousness needed for a harmonious, unconditionally loving world!

I’m a modern day mystic, sound healer, and musician currently living in Alexandria, VA. I love teaching and sharing ways to use the power of energy healing and spiritual truth in our daily lives – integrating with music and sound. When not hosting Energy Medicine and Soundbath ceremonies, Mystic mini-retreats, or coaching with my sister Mystic Chics in either of our two east coast studios (Northern Virginia and Western Massachusetts), I can be found in my Virginia studio offering individual and group Energy Healing and Soundbaths while advocating for meditation and alcohol-free living.

Engaging in this Mystic Chic venture is both the fulfillment of a life-long dream and the best way to combine how I love to spend my time and be of service to others. I love to return people to their hearts and remind them of their power. Creating music and serving the greater community through various forms of energy healing, including Akashic Records Readings, intuitive energy work, movement, and yoga, are my life’s work: empowerment through love. I am humbled and honored to share this journey with my beautiful family and all of you.

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The Mystic Chic Experience

We are modern day medicine women who bring a unique blend of solace and empowerment to any event with their energy healing, music, movement, and sacred ceremony. Whether it is 3 minutes or 3 hours, these intuitive women will help you feel into your own body and energy field to clear blocks and activate your true power.

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