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As modern medicine women, we use our voices to speak and sing our truth into the world.  Music and media are powerful platforms to heal ourselves and also provide healing opportunities for others.  We hope you find inspiration in our stories and songs and may our creative expressions help you find yours.  


Latest Singles

Single: Words Create

Words Create

by The Mystic Chics | The Mystic Chics

Single: Be the Change

Be The change

by The Mystic Chics | The Mystic Chics

Single: I Find Myself Mantra

I Find Myself Mantra

by The Mystic Chics | The Mystic Chics

Single: Awaken The Mystery

Awaken The Mystery

by The Mystic chics | The Mystic Chics

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“For each other, we provided a mirror of truth. Outside of this sister safety zone, we learned to swallow both sadness and deeper truths, to not speak up or out, and to present an accepting veneer in discomfort. However, these early family deaths ushered in more intense and frequent spiritual experiences for us.”

 our spiritual journey in this best-selling anthology is entitled

Harmony In Healing

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