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“Mystic Mondays Live” on Instagram- May 2023

Instagram Live

Awakening The Divine Feminine Join us LIVE ON INSTAGRAM Every Monday night at 6 pm in the month of May we explore the energetics of our Divine Feminine - Often referred to as yin, this energy is found in ALL OF US - regardless of gender and it represents the supreme, most sacred level of […]


Connect With Spiritual Guides

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria

Uncover YOUR Spiritual guides - ANGELS and ANCESTORS, ANIMALS and HIGHER SELF / FUTURE SELF, ASCENDED MASTERS and DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS. They are ALL here for YOU - right now! In this free-will universe, we simply have to ask for and invoke their loving guidance and wisdom. This is more simple than we know. Through […]


Sacred Fire Ceremony

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria

IMAGINE You are outdoors under the stars, gathered around a mesmerizing FIRE with other like-minded friends. Instruments begin as directions & animal guides are called in. Your memories of fear, worry, dis-ease and more are released by the FIRE MEDICINE. You feel lighter and deeply grateful 🙏   REGISTER HERE