The 13 holy nights – an IG live winter solstice celebration

The winter solstice is a sacred time of year when the veil between our 3D world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest, allowing an opportunity to connect more easily and deeply to the infinite mystery and magic of the unseen world.   The 13 holy nights is a practice that supports us during these short winter days and long dark nights. Read more about the 13 holy nights practice  We invite you to come along with us on IG live for this ancient ritual that will transform the way you move through the holiday season.  Beginning sunset on Saturday, December 24 through Sunset Friday, January 6, we will meet for 15 minutes each day at 6 pm on IG live.  Together we will all slow down, light a candle, reconnect to our inner light and pull an oracle card together.    As we reflect and tap into the energies of the upcoming year we imprint them in a conscious way, planting seeds for the New Year to come. This event is free.   All you will need is a candle, a book for journaling, and your favorite oracle card deck.  We will be using a few of our […]