Serenity in September

Boxwood of Oldtown 128 S. Royal, Alexandria, VA

Join us with our friends @boxwoodoldtown @marthacarucci @umbrelladrydrinks for Serenity in September – a sophisticated spirit free celebration during National Recovery Month!

Weekend Pop-Up

The Seedling Collective 121 S. Royal, Alexandria, VA, United States

Join The Mystic Chics in the heart of Old Town Alexandria at the seedling collective where we will set up shop for 3 full days filled with Mystic healing. Pop in for sample reflexology, chakra balancing, soundbath, akashic reading, and more. Check out our unique Mystic healing tools and merch for purchase. Come say hi and learn about upcoming Mystic trainings and events. Create a customized Energy Medicine and soundbath for your birthday, new baby, anniversary of girls’ night out celebration. Receive a card reading using our newly published “I Allow Healing Cards”. Book your next healing retreat with The Mystic Chics. We’d LOVE to see you!

Womb Blessing Ceremony

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

"My womb is not a place to store fear and pain. My womb is a place to create and give birth to new life, new ideas, a new version of me." Our womb is where we store: *creative blocks *unhealed ancestral patterns from maternal lineage *financial health *unhealed energies related to birth, miscarriage, abortion *sexual experiences (wanted & unwanted) *physical issues such as cysts, fibroids, etc. Whatever your adult age or the physical state of your womb, you can clear dense energies from your womb space creating a new, lighter version of yourself through this 2 hour sacred ceremony. A cleansing/clearing of your energy field leads to a guided meditation with live music and sound healing and concludes with receiving the personal blessing and healing time with The Mystic Chics. Experience a renewed sense of self and possibilities with a Womb Blessing Ceremony.


Divine Feminine Empowerment

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

Learn, heal, and grow in an all-day training with 3 modern medicine women - The Mystic Chics. Explore 7 feminine archetypes, each matched with distinct healing tools that help you integrate higher vibrations into your body in order to live a more divinely empowered life. Heal your past wounds, remove blocks, and discover your own healing potential through each archetype. Curriculum provided.


The 13 holy nights – an IG live winter solstice celebration

The winter solstice is a sacred time of year when the veil between our 3D world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest, allowing an opportunity to connect more easily and deeply to the infinite mystery and magic of the unseen world.   The 13 holy nights is a practice that supports us during these short winter days and long dark nights. Read more about the 13 holy nights practice  We invite you to come along with us on IG live for this ancient ritual that will transform the way you move through the holiday season.  Beginning sunset on Saturday, December 24 through Sunset Friday, January 6, we will meet for 15 minutes each day at 6 pm on IG live.  Together we will all slow down, light a candle, reconnect to our inner light and pull an oracle card together.    As we reflect and tap into the energies of the upcoming year we imprint them in a conscious way, planting seeds for the New Year to come. This event is free.   All you will need is a candle, a book for journaling, and your favorite oracle card deck.  We will be using a few of our […]

Mystic Mondays Live – January 2023

Join us every Monday evening in January for Self Care topics, sharing, conversation, tools, and ideas for bringing the best version of you forward  2023! Live on Instagram Mondays 6 pm  

Mystic Mondays Live – February 2023

Join us each Monday on Instagram Live at 6 pm.  February's topic is ❤️ SELF LOVE ❤️.  Learn what it is, what it is not, and some of our favorite practices to fill our own bucket with love in order to give from that space.  

Mystic Mondays Live – March 2023

This month on our Mystic Mondays Live at 6 pm on Instagram   we explore the topic "Foundation With Flexibility".   2 sides of the same coin, we are meant to have a strong body, mind, and spirit while also maintaining flexibility to flow with events as they appear in our lives providing us many opportunities to learn and grow, using our intuition to guide us each step of the way.

A Spring Equinox Energy and Sound Blessing

The spring equinox, also referred to as the vernal equinox,  heralds the arrival of spring in the Northern hemisphere.  A season of new beginnings, growth, and transformation. In the Southern Hemisphere, it signals the start of autumn, a time for introspection, reflection, and letting go of the past. Join The Mystic Chics for a special Equinox Energy and Sound Blessing as together we honor the cycles of nature and the divine forces that inspire them. We will connect with the energies of renewal and rebirth, set intentions for growth and transformation in the months ahead, and send forth sound - illumined blessings into the world.   The equinox serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of honoring the cycles of life and death, growth and decay, and light and darkness. Tune into Instagram on Monday, March 20 at 6 pm. Suggested donation - $20

Connect With Your Spiritual Team

Ever hear a whisper in your ear, seen a feather in your path, heard a song that felt like it was written just for you in that moment? If you've experienced some of these or other signs that you suspect were more than what they seemed on the surface, then this event is for you. We are never alone and we are always supported by and connected to the unseen world of energy through a myriad of spiritual guides. Join energy healers and spiritual teachers, The Mystic Chics, as these Modern Medicine Women lead you through numerous practical ways to discover YOUR guides, and anchor this relationship as part of your every day. Wendy, Audrey, & Mary will use music, breath, movement, channelled meditations with sound healing, and brief journaling to teach you how easy it is to awaken and activate the expansive, clear connection you have with your team of ancestors, animals, angels, ascended masters, divine light beings, higher self and future self. In this free will universe we need to invite our guides to step in to bring clarity, comfort, and deeper meaning into our lives. You can also look forward to live Q & A - conscious […]


Sacred Fire Ceremony

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

IMAGINE You are outdoors under the stars, gathered around a mesmerizing FIRE with other like-minded friends. Instruments begin as directions & animal guides are called in. Your memories of fear, worry, dis-ease and more are released by the FIRE MEDICINE. You feel lighter and deeply grateful 🙏   REGISTER HERE


Connect With Spiritual Guides

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

Uncover YOUR Spiritual guides - ANGELS and ANCESTORS, ANIMALS and HIGHER SELF / FUTURE SELF, ASCENDED MASTERS and DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS. They are ALL here for YOU - right now! In this free-will universe, we simply have to ask for and invoke their loving guidance and wisdom. This is more simple than we know. Through energy clearing, Journaling, sound healing, guided meditation, personal energy healing, stories, oracle deck readings and more, Mary, Wendy, and Audrey will guide you in a 2 hour transformational experience and personal journey for YOU of uncovering YOUR GUIDES and YOUR personal connection with their knowledge and wisdom for YOU. An all encompassing pdf with beautiful images, mystical resources, affirmational tools, journaling prompts and more is YOURS for continued spiritual guidance and connection at home - once you re-enter your everyday life. REGISTER HERE


“Mystic Mondays Live” on Instagram- May 2023

Instagram Live

Awakening The Divine Feminine Join us LIVE ON INSTAGRAM Every Monday night at 6 pm in the month of May we explore the energetics of our Divine Feminine - Often referred to as yin, this energy is found in ALL OF US - regardless of gender and it represents the supreme, most sacred level of feminine expression and energy in the universe. Creativity, connection, co-operation, compassion. cohesiveness, collaboration, communication, communion, comfort as on, conversation for all. Join with us LIVE or catch the replay later on our instagram page - we love engaging with YOU in CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION around all things mystical and healing with energy medicine!  


“Mystic Mondays Live” on Instagram – June 2023

JUNE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE Join us LIVE ON INSTAGRAM We produce and host a weekly online show where we share conscious conversation, energy healing tools, wisdom teachings, sound medicine, yoga poses, and more.  Each month brings a fresh theme and this month is ALL ABOUT BALANCE. Do you have balance in your work life, home life, family, friends, creative endeavors? Come share with us your thoughts and ideas each week and we'll share ours. Listen and view live or join us for the rebroadcast on our Instagram page.


Energy Healing and Sound Bath at Sanare Wellness

Sanare Wellness 92 N Summit St., Southington, CT, United States

Join energy and sound healers, musicians, & best-selling authors of Deserts To Mountaintops for an evening of healing, energy reading, original music, and book signing at Sanare Wellness on Friday, July 7th from 5:30 - 7 pm.


Mystic Monday Live “LIVE”

Awaken with Audrey 140 West Avenue, Great Barrington, United States

Come Meet The Mystic Chics A family of best-selling authors, published musicians, energy healers, & divine channels. Monday 7/17 - 6 pm* 140 West Ave Great Barrington, MA Q & A - giveaways - book signing - live music - conscious conversations - snacks and fun! *doors open at 5:30 - event begins promptly at 6pm RSVP at EVENTBRITE  


IANDS 2023 CONFERENCE – Washington, DC.

Doubletree by Hilston Hotel 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA, United States

Join The Mystic Chics for a panel discussion - YOUR SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE CONTAINS YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD   No matter how lonely you have felt, how isolated, how nervous that everything you once knew has now changed, it has changed FOR you. Your experience has happened because you were ready for it. Join The Mystic Chics as they share their own experiences of doubt, loneliness, and isolation due to spiritual experiences and gifts they have had since birth. Participants experience an awakening of empowerment and confidence to take loving action in their lives. This trio of two sisters and an aunt offer a safe, supportive, substance-free environment in their sacred healing ceremonies, igniting the God Source within. In this discussion, you can ask questions and learn tools on how to best navigate this new version of Amazing You! LEARN MORE

Mystic Monday Live – return to self

Instagram Live

September Theme  Return To Self Join us each and every Monday at 6 pm on INSTAGRAM LIVE Conscious conversation, Sound Healing, Energy Medicine Practices, Personal Healing, Original Music, Monthly guests, and much more! JOIN US LIVE OR WATCH THE SHOW LATER ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE


March Mystic Mondays Live

Instagram Live

Join us Monday nights at 6 pm on Instagram live for Mystic Monday Live - a weekly show that we create, host, and produce and where we engage with you in conscious convo, energy healing, sound and music medicine, and mindful movement. This month we dive deep on what it means to ENVISION.  Everything that now is was once an idea.  The key to living the life you desire is your ability to envision it for yourself..  Manifestation is simply raising your vibration to meet what is already yours.  You are a powerful manifestation machine - let us help you envision your desires so you can bring them out into your reality - the world needs you and your gifts now!


Women’s Healing Day Retreats

The Sheffield Studio 48 Glenanna Way, Sheffield, MA, United States

Women's Healing Day Retreats The Sheffield Studio  in The Berkshires of Massachusetts Do you feel stuck? Are you searching for a greater purpose?   Do you desire connection with other like-minded women?  Perfect! We created these day retreats for the woman who is unafraid of her Truth and is yearning to align with her spiritual essence – ready to step forward as the inspired creator that she is. We’re here for the woman who is curious about her evolution and is ready to try energy healing to change her life. Come on this journey of individual and group healing,  set in the pastoral Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.  The Sheffield Studio provides a quiet, warm, comfortable, and sacred space ideal for personal transformation and healing. Working with 3 skilled practitioners and seasoned intuitives offers a variety of deep, multi-layered healing.  This typically includes many, often simultaneous,  experiences:  personal messages from your akashic records,  wisdom from your spiritual guides, intuitive guidance from your higher self, vibrational attunements, high frequency energy field upgrades, eighth – twelfth chakra  downloads,  inner child healing, past life integration, ancestral pattern rewiring, trauma release and more. We believe your heart and soul are your most valuable assets.  If […]