Mystic Mondays Live – January 2023

Join us every Monday evening in January for Self Care topics, sharing, conversation, tools, and ideas for bringing the best version of you forward  2023! Live on Instagram Mondays 6 […]

Mystic Mondays Live – February 2023

Join us each Monday on Instagram Live at 6 pm.  February's topic is ❤️ SELF LOVE ❤️.  Learn what it is, what it is not, and some of our favorite […]

Mystic Mondays Live – March 2023

This month on our Mystic Mondays Live at 6 pm on Instagram   we explore the topic "Foundation With Flexibility".   2 sides of the same coin, we are meant to […]

A Spring Equinox Energy and Sound Blessing

The spring equinox, also referred to as the vernal equinox,  heralds the arrival of spring in the Northern hemisphere.  A season of new beginnings, growth, and transformation. In the Southern […]

Connect With Your Spiritual Team

Ever hear a whisper in your ear, seen a feather in your path, heard a song that felt like it was written just for you in that moment? If you've […]


Sacred Fire Ceremony

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

IMAGINE You are outdoors under the stars, gathered around a mesmerizing FIRE with other like-minded friends. Instruments begin as directions & animal guides are called in. Your memories of fear, […]


Connect With Spiritual Guides

The Carriage House 7819 Lee Avenue, Alexandria, VA, United States

Uncover YOUR Spiritual guides - ANGELS and ANCESTORS, ANIMALS and HIGHER SELF / FUTURE SELF, ASCENDED MASTERS and DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS. They are ALL here for YOU - right now! […]


“Mystic Mondays Live” on Instagram- May 2023

Instagram Live

Awakening The Divine Feminine Join us LIVE ON INSTAGRAM Every Monday night at 6 pm in the month of May we explore the energetics of our Divine Feminine - Often […]