Palo Santo




Palo Santo “holy / sacred wood”

We Chics call palo santo “bleach of the energy world” and use it ALL THE TIME with clients, at events, on ourselves, our homes and offices.  You name it – everyone and everything can benefit from daily use of palo santo.  We always keep a stick handy in our pocket or purse.  An energy cleansing tool,  palo santo wood sticks come from the medicinal palo santo tree that grows along the coast of South America and is well known on the physical level for clearing colds, flu, and viruses.  On the energetic level this powerful tool diminishes negative emotions like depression, anxiety, and stress while also raising your vibration.  Uber must-have for HEALING WITH YOU ❤️

Each stick is approximately 4” long x ¾” wide.  3-pak bundle comes with informational and instructional card and small pack of Mystic matches.


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