After attending the Shamanic Energy mini retreat, I was empowered to look deeply at life patterns that no longer serve me. It was as if the smoke was cleared from my eyes and vision and clarity came through. I was inspired to create changes in my life on a daily basis that are honoring my true self.

- Bridget H.

This retreat created a framework for a new belief system that expands beyond the ingrained five senses way of looking at the world.

- Anonymous

Women’s Healing Day Retreats

Berkshire Massachusetts Day Retreats

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Lakeworth Beach Florida Day Retreats

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Women's Healing Day Retreat

Are you ready to experience the power of knowing your purpose?
Do you long to reconnect with your spiritual self and gain new momentum in your life?
Have you been searching for an incredible community and want to connect with others on the same path?

If you answered yes (or even maybe!) to any of these questions, perfect –  we created these day retreats for you!  Working with 3 skilled practitioners and seasoned intuitives offers a variety of deep, multi-layered healing.  This typically includes many, often simultaneous,  experiences:  

  • Yoga-informed movement & breath work.
  • Personal messages from your akashic records.
  • Wisdom from your spiritual guides,
  • Intuitive guidance from your higher self.
  • Vibrational attunements
  • High frequency energy field upgrades.
  • Eighth – twelfth chakra  downloads.
  • Inner child healing.
  • Past life integration.
  • Ancestral pattern rewiring.
  • Trauma release. 
  • Guided meditations with live music.  
  • Energy healing tools and clearing techniques. 
  • Original healing music. 
  • Soundbath meditation.