Sacred Ceremony

The recognition and remembrance, at the age of 64, of the power of the womb, was a gift.

- Anne Marie C.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but The Mystic Chics graciously walked us through each step, explaining and guiding us throughout the entire ceremony. A wonderful experience.

- Martha C.

Sacred Ceremonies

Make all your moments special and meaningful with The Mystic Chic Experience and Energy Medicine.

Womb Blessing Ceremony

 Imagine lying under a warm blanket on a lounger.  You hear sweet sounds of chimes, crystal bowls, and feel energy healing run through you while being guided to direct your energy.  You feel free and empowered as you release energies contained in your pelvis inherited from your mother’s trauma, your sexual partners, limiting beliefs about self, money and your worth.  Womb Blessing Ceremony is approximately 2 hours.

*Held quarterly in VA and in MA.  See event page for the next Womb Blessing Ceremony near you.

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Imagine being outdoors under the stars, gathered around a warm fire with other like-minded friends.   As music and instruments are played and the directions and animal guides are called in, your memories of anger, fear, trauma and sadness are offered to the fire medicine to be transmuted and you feel lighter and deeply grateful.  Sacred Fire Ceremony is approximately 2 hours.

*Held quarterly in VA and in MA.  See event page for the next Sacred Fire Ceremony near you.

Customize Your Own Ceremony

 Maybe you’re looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday, a girls’ night out, a baby shower, or couples’ date night, and more!   You can enhance and mark all your special moments by uniquely customizing your next celebration with Energy Medicine and a Soundbath- the mystic chic experience.  Loved ones, friends, and family are sure to relish the experience!  Create your own beautiful traditions in a new way!  

It’s date night. You surprise your special someone and the two of you walk hand-in-hand into a beautiful candle-lit studio.  Or maybe you surprise your favorite couples group with a pre-dinner relaxing hour of energy medicine and soundbath (a new kind of happy hour sans the spirits!).  You all meet at the studio.  The gardens are alive and welcoming and you notice the Labyrinth off to your left.  “Let’s do that on our way out,” you whisper.  You are warmly welcomed and take a comfortable seat in a zero gravity chair.  You are side by side and warm, cozy blankets are provided.  You are guided to take some deep, clearing breaths and then the sound portion begins.  You are taken to a place of surrendered relaxation and feel deeply refreshed. 

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